Text Box: THE  ASTOUNDING TRUTH ABOUT ‘ROSICRUCIAN’ HYPNOTIC TRAINING ROUTINES—This website will present basic information about the technology of hypnosis that has not been generally revealed on this planet.  You will find out about the serpent wave which is utilized to carry hypnotic viewpoints, instructions and commands into the subconscious human mind.
	Here is a fact you should become aware of—if you are not already aware of it.  In fact, just knowing this fact will increase your awareness.   This nation—this entire world—is filled with secret and quasi-secret cult groups whose members are being taught the use of the serpent wave in order to gain hypnotic control over others.  It is probable that right in your neighborhood, at various ‘temples’ people are being taught ‘training routines’ or TRs in order to purposely cause you mental damage so that they can exert hypnotic control over you and exploit you in some way. 
	It is very likely that you have come under the invisible psionic/hypnotic influence of these individuals and that you will come under their wicked influence in the future.    The term psionic means the direct transmission of mental energy waves from one mind to another.   Therefore, it is not the visible hypnotic techniques that these people employ which causes the most mental disruption—although such techniques can be quite obnoxious—but the invisible toxic forces that the purposely hurl at us in order to suppress our mental abilities so that we can be more readily mind-controlled.
	It might very well astound you to know that these groups encompass what are supposedly beneficial ‘fraternal’ or ‘masonic’ groups and other occult organizations that teach their members that ‘outsiders’ are evil entities’ who must be handled by psionic/’hypnotic control techniques.   Such techniques are often taught in meetings of so-called ‘Rosicrucians’, which make take place within  the facilities of ‘fraternal’ or ‘Masonic’ groups or conventional’ religions.  These students then go out and practice there training routines, utilizing hypnotic processes that often cause others tremendous disturbance.   The practicing of these training routines in some areas has crossed over intop terrorism, with the practitioners verbally and even physically assaulting others if they do not obtain total obedience as they were told to expect by their ‘spiritual’ teachers and ministers.
	At this point, the question is—what is hypnosis?   Hypnosis is a condition of heightened suggestibility.   Essentially, that is all it ever is.   A person listens to and takes seriously suggestions without logically examining them or even really grasping the messages—or examining the intentions or the nature of the hypnotizer.  This is known as hypnotic influence—suggestions flow into the mind of a subject without the subject having mental control over what happening.   At least, that is the intention of the hypnotizer.
 	That is the first stage of hypnosis—the second stage is simply following the suggestions as if they were instructions or even commands that must be followed without question.
	Hypnosis is a sleep-like state – a person is walking around or sitting or otherwise not in what what they normally consider going to sleep, but they are mentally asleep, because it is their mind that is not fully awake, or their mind is not awake at all.   The Greek term hypnotikos comes from the Greek root hypnoun – to put to sleep – which comes from hypnos – sleep.   In hypnotikis, a person – hopefully, a healer – induces a person into this sleep-like condition so that they will receive intense suggestions without resistance.   The hypnotist – who can be called an inducer – may do this is a quiet manner or they may dazzle the subject with excited suggestions which, if done correctly, quickly knocks the person into a heavy hypnotic trance.   If the subject is indeed within a true waking-sleep, then the suggestions function as spells.   A spell is simply a word or collection of words that the receiver decides are awesome and must be respected, coming from a source of authority, even from a divine authority.   The hypnotist extends his or herself into the mind of the subject, and takes command of the control faculty of a person’s mind, so that the subject no longer has resistance to hypnotic suggestions.   Since the control center regulates the flows of messages from the memory, if the hypnotism is done effectively, the subject will not remember the hypnotic session because the memories do not flow into the awareness faculty of the individual.
	In ethical psychotherapy, a healing spell is employed to cancel out a spell that is causing illness.   These sickness spells are disturbing memories which cease to torment a person when they are replaced with counter-suggestions that result in healing.  The ancient Greek doctors who employed hypnotikis as a healing tool were aware that, in the wrong hands, hypnotherapy could be dangerous indeed.   They knew about the subconscious mind – this is was one of the great secrets taught in the Eleusinian Rites.   In ancient Greece, doctors were members of a special order of the Eleusian Society in which they learned how to utilize hynotikis for healing, including the use of hypnotic drugs derived from certain herbs, flowers and fruits.   In fact, a doctor received his or her hynotikis degree from this mystical order, which also had an official authority to issue licenses to practice healing psychotherapy.   These hypnotherapists had their own temple which typically encompassed a garden where plants yielding hypnotizing psychoactive substances were grown, although such gardens could not be dependent on and the desired plants often had to be acquired from wild sources.   One of the most powerful hypno substances was – and is – derived from a version of the chrysanthemum flower and plant – which yields a psychoactive medicine that transforms the central nervous system.   The pyrethrum psychoactive substance can turn off the awareness faculty in the sense that it is no longer receiving signals and so the user will go into a waking sleep that the hypnotizer can utilize for inserting suggestions that become deep spells.  The ethical hypnotherapist carefully uses a small dose of the pyrethrum hypno-elixir to put a patient into a hypnotic trance in which they can be healed by positive suggestions.   Such a doctor—who in the Greek tradition is also a priest or priestess—is using a version of the serpent wave which is carrying messages into the subconscious mind.   The connection to the awareness faculty has been restricted by the hypno-elixir because the central nervous system is subdued.   The hypnotic suggestion is preserved in the subconscious mind as a memory that influences the decisions and behaviors of the subject to produce healing.   The pyrethrum psychoactive substance can also be an ‘ingredient’ within a fire elixir that, if used correctly, burns away ‘evil spirits’ – anti-bioenergetics forces – and allows a person to be regenerated with the golden force.   
	In order to attain hypnotic control over a subject, a master hypnotist – such as an 
Eleusian healer– must attain domination over the mind of another.   They are psionically penetrating into the mind of the other person, and exerting their own will upon the subject—thus making use of the dark force.   The Eleusian rites are based on carefully mixing the dark force with the golden force – as symbolized by the conflict between Demeter and Persephone.   The master hypnotist first deactivates the intellectual perception portion of the awareness faculty, which also distorts the material perception abilities of the subject.   Then the hypnotherapist deactivates the analysis and logic faculties of the mind.  Analysis is the ability to break a statement down into its parts and examine them to see if they are factual and sensible.   Logic is meaningful reasoning providing rational solutions or answers, and deriving further solutions or answers from inference and demonstration.   Once a subject no longer has the power of logic, the hypnotist can then totally shut
down the awareness faculty.  Finally, the hypnotist

 turns off the mental control center of the subject, and the hypnotist becomes the mental controller of the other individual – or a group of individuals.
	There is a complex series of neuro-processes involved , including a collection of biochemicals, such as neural-transmitters which carry signals across the synapses or gaps between certain neurons that play a part in hypnosis.   Certain neural-transmitters carry the hypnotic messages through the neural-network while others which would have carried signals to the various mental facilities are not produced—which means that these neurons now remain blind because they are not receiving information.   There are bio-chemicals that turn on the gateways to the subconscious mind while others close the gates to the conscious mind.   Such substances are produced by the human body and the hypnotic elixirs either contain these biochemicals or other trigger biochemicals which cause the brain to produce these substances.    So, the ethical hypnotherapist knows that he or she must utilize hypnotic exilirs with exceptional care.
	However, an unethical hypnotherapist can control the behavior of another for her or his own selfish purposes – which are often also the purposes of an evil movement such as a sociopathic cult.   This is accomplished by inserting, into the subconscious mind, vicious spells resulting in demented viewpoints and behavior which is inevitably sadistic in nature.    While the author wishes to remain scientific, there is only one term that describes a person who would misuse hypnotherapy in this manner – a Luciferian.   The term Lucifer, as used in the Qabalah, means a person who is an instrument of the Dark Intelligence and relays malignant thinking into the world in order to spread wickedness.   The Dark Intelligence consists of what is known as radioactive energy—heavy, inverted thought patterns which are hypnotic just by their very nature.
	The serpent wave which is used by leaders and members of Luciferian cult group will be called the Luciferian serpent wave – it consists of radioactive energy which carries dark suggestions into the subconscious mind and which leads the subject to carry 0ut sadistically destructive acts.   So there are two serpents that can be employed by master hypnotists.   When a person’s mind is penetrated by the Luciferian serpent wave, they become a victim who is submerged within the SIMO (’see-moe’)– Synthetically Induced Mass Obfuscation—of a Dragon criminal group or Nazi-type political movement.   These are often are one and the same thing—the point is that the leaders program their followers with the Luciferian serpent wave.   Obfuscation means to make a situation less clear by means of deception and cloudiness.   The obfuscation which is necessary for a non-reality is synthetically induced by hypnotic techniques that direct large numbers of people to agree that it has substance.
	The members of a Luciferian cult are themselves under the heavy hypnotic influence of the master hypnotist of the group.   And they are given training routines which are supp0sed to provide them with the skills needed to oppress others and smash in their minds, leaving them in a disoriented and miserable circumstance where they can abused, degraded and exploited.    The Luciferians utilize the serpent wave to attack and destroy the mental faculties of intended victims or targets.   The basic notion is to convert the target into a hypnotic victim – if the target cannot be inducted into the cult where they can be thoroughly victimized, then they will be exploited in some other way.
	When the Luciferian hypnotist fires the Luciferian serpent wave at a target, the person is literally being blasted with toxic energy.   If they feel the toxic blast and pull away, then the hypnotic communications channel is broken.   However, if the subject, for whatever reason, does not pull away then the hypnotic channel remains open.  This means that the person’s awareness has been seriously lowered and that their intellectual and material perception has been diminished so that they just do not realize that they under psionic attack.   The resistance of the target has been swept aside and the serpent wave penetrates into the mind.   The serpent weaves its way through the mind, destroying analysis, logic, awareness and then finally control so that the victim is dependent of the hypnotizer for mental control – and it is this which keeps them addicted to the Luciferian cult.    The reason why a person will swiftly lose consciousness and transit into a hypnotic trance when attacked by an expert hypnotic controller utilizing the Luciferian serpent wave is that just at the moment when they most need total awareness in order to realize what is happening to them – they are being rendered unaware.   They do not grasp that they are being penetrated by the Luciferian serpent wave because the serpent is silent and so subtle.   The serpent wave is intense, yet at the same time – when the hypnotic controller is clever – the hypn0tic force is understated, almost faint.   The serpent wave is a psionic force – it is not heard, but it is composed of mental energy which silently penetrates into the subconscious mind.   However, if a person is psionically aware then they will, with their intuition, hear the serpent wave and resist it so that it does not penetrate into their mind at all.   Even if a person’s psionic awareness is not high, a person can still observe the clear signs of an attempt to utilize hypnotic training routines, as taught in Luciferian cults.  Besides operating with the silent serpent wave, the training routines include making the voice sound authoritative, demeaning the messages of the target person, using facial grimaces which are supposed to indicate that the individual and the things they are saying are stupid and that the targeted person should be ashamed for even saying them.   In the case of a difficult target – one who offers a great deal of resistance and insists on being logical – the training routes include processes for attacking the person themselves, using vicious voices which are designed to suggest that the person is unintelligent and that they are incapable of communicating valuable ideas.   If the attacker fails to establish themselves as the hypnotic controller they will at least strive to attain the position of communications controller.   This means that they will be asking all the major questions and making all the major statements and deciding what will be discussed.
	These are the skills that are being taught in occult groups all over America – all around us and have surely been affecting all of us during our lives, mostly without us realizing what is happening.   The occult groups which teach these demonic skills include the so-called Masons, the Elks, the Lucifierian Rosicrucians, Shriners, Scottish Rite Masons, and the Church of Scientology, and various secret or quasi-secret groups which exist within conventional religious groups.   Scientology has become a major source of Luciferian hypnotic training routines for other religions throughout America.  Either these religions send their members to Scientology facilities for training or the Scientologists send training teams to these religions.  
	As long as an individual cannot regain their own willpower and their personal ability to maintain the equilibrium of their mind, they will remain within a hypnotic state, readily receiving spells, which are just suggestions made up of a set of words carefully constructed and transmitted into the mind of the subject and entering into the subconscious.   Again, the means for accomplishing this is the Luciferian serpent wave.   This serpent wave, to begin with, knocks us out of natural time, disrupts our mental equilibrium, and subverts your willpower.   If this is done correctly by a person who had been trained by a cult group, then you will not realize that this is happening.   You will be lost within the psychotic reality being projected by the hypnotist.   Again—a person who is overwhelmed by Lucferian psionic/hypnotic mind-control is not aware, and so they do not realize what is happening to them.      This is why people around the victim will realize that a person is under psionic/hypnotic attack – especially when the victim is connected to a Luciferian cult – but the individual will swear up and down that they are not the victim of hypnotic control.   In fact, the victim will swear that that are becoming more mentally awakened and that it is the ‘outsiders’ who are all under hypnotic influence – this is what they have been taught in the cult while they are in an intense hypnotic state.
	The prime suggestion of the Luciferian psionic/hypno is simply fear – the serpent wave carries the message of intense fear into the subconscious mind of the target.  The hypno-controller wants the subject to be afraid not to obey—to remain intimidated.

Text Box: It has been said that all of us on these lower-earth type planets are in a hypnotic trance to at least some degree.   Just the fact that we are imagining this reality—experiencing it, perceiving it, and feeling it—demonstrates that we in a hypnotized state that keeps us unaware and mentally weak.
In fact, many philosophers have proposed that are inhabiting NON-REALITY—a hologram that is projected around us and within us and which prevents us from perceiving the true reality.   Thus, we see through a glass darkly.  The Non-Reality is hypnotically programmed into our minds by SIMO—Synthetically-Induced Mass Obfuscation. (pronounced ‘see-moe’.)
This SIMO—which can also be called social-hypnosis—is not necessary evil.   SIMO is used to hypnotically influence us so that we are socially programmed into such institutions as school, the army, businesses—indeed, the family is the prime institution in which the parents use SIMO to hypnotically program children into specific behavior patterns—for better or worse.   The parents are usually the first hypno-controllers that we encounter in this world, followed by teachers, the police, religious leaders, employers, and then often the leaders of masonic-type organizations or secret societies into which are inducted.   These hypno-controllers may not have evil intentions towards us—indeed, if one is not programmed into the SIMO of the social system, life can be very difficult and the penalties can be severe.   Religious organizations definitely employ hypnotic techniques to induce us into their version of Non-Reality, which we accept as a religious reality.   On the other hand, religious non-realities can serve a definite socialization process.  There are people who go through their entire lives existing in a hypnotic trance resulting from religious SIMO and this keeps them safe, satisfied, and even protected in a very dangerous world.   Religions are perhaps the best example of Synthetically Induced Mass Obfuscation in which hypnotic controllers influence our beliefs, viewpoints and decisions, with the group agreement that no one will dare to question the obfuscation—although a limited degree of discussion is allowed within definite boundaries.   Should that boundary be pushed too far the entire non-reality would just come apart and the subjects would suddenly realize that they were ‘naked’.  Meaning that they would know that they had been living in a non-reality which they had only imagined, according to their  subconscious hypnotic programming.   SIMO has its value because once you realize that you are naked, you must quickly cover yourself with another non-reality or else you will be in big trouble.
	Nevertheless, the condition of death—of imprisonment in the material non-reality—is an intense hypnotic state.  Redemption means release from that hypnotic state.   The dead know nothing—first you must realize that you are immersed within SIMO before you awaken and become truly alive.
	So, on this planet, the human race has been immersed in SIMO for many centuries.   Our decisions, our viewpoints, our behavior is all determined by hypnotic programming.  Even when we believe we are being powerful, we are merely following our hypnotic programming.   This hypnotic programming has its purpose in this SIMO because without it we would be ‘naked’ – we would have no non-reality in which to believe and we would have to create another non-reality.  And it is questionable that we would be able to do this.   Only the Elohim or creator gods are able to do this and we are human beings at most, and it is questionable if we are even that.
	How did this happen?  Well, to begin with, it happened by means of Luciferian hypnotic training routines, as already described.    Our awareness was reduced so that we lost intellectual perception, then we lost the faculties of analysis and logic, and then we lost our awareness and then finally our mental control.   But then –and here is the great trick – artificial versions of these faculties were provided so that we could function within this SIMO.  So we imagine that we have intellectual perception, analysis, logic, awareness and control.    Of course we cannot because it is all SIMO – but we are hypnotically programmed to think it and to act out accordingly.
	The story of Genesis in the Old Testament may provide a symbolic explanation.    Adam represents the original race of human beings who inhabited bodies and brain produced from material energy, but who possessed an advanced intelligence giving them the power to dominate over the earth – reforming the earth and changing the earthly reality to a degree so that they were god-like.   However, the Adamians did not possess neural gateways into the subconscious mind, which stores the visionary creative intelligence of the universe.   Therefore, the Adamian neural-network was changed to provide the Adamians with this ‘feminine’ portion of the mind, which is depicted by Eve.
	It could be said that previous to this event Adam was like an android, with a limited cybernetic brain.   But the Adamians were not subject to hypnotic mind-control that instilled their minds with spells that induced alternative realities because their cybernetic brain was pre-programmed to produce a certain system of realities created for them by the Elohim.   In these realities there were fixated concepts of Good and Evil, which directed them to take right and wrong actions.   However, now that the Adamians had imagination, their minds could be turned against them to that they would be part of new realities developed by Luciferian beings and over which the demonic lords would be the masters and mistresses.    The Adamians used their own power of imagination to sustain these demonic realities because they believed that they would become creator gods. Within these non-realities.   But the result was a bizarro world in which the Adamians were hypnotized to act in ridiculous ways.   This was accomplished in a series of stages, with they hypnotist gaining greater control at each stage.   Like a stage act in which a man or a woman goes around clucking and acting like a chicken.   The expert mind-controller does not expect the subject to act like this right away.   Hypnosis is a condition of heightened suggestion.   Madness is introduced into the world as a series of ever more twisted propositions that are accepted as sensible.   The phenomenon of Synthetically Induced Mass Obfuscation will continue until it either fades or it must be burnt away.   The second case usually happens when the hypnotic controller of the non-reality is able to convince a large number of people that he or she is the messiah.
	We return to hypnosis as psychotherapy.   When hypno-mania takes over, it is necessary to utilize counter-spells in order to quiet down the demonic forces that have taken over the mind.   And so, the human race transits from one hypnotic trance to another.

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PSIONIC INTIMIDATIONText Box: LUCIFERIAN MASS-HYPNOSIS OR SYNTHETICALLY INDUCED MASS OBFUSCATION is utilized by the leaders of fascist political groups and demonic cults—which are often one and the same thing.   The Master SIMO hypnotist makes use of the Psionic Serpent wave to carry into the subconscious mind of the subjects stimulating effects of hyper-emotion and hyper-intellect.    This sort of hyper-emotion stimulates large numbers of people to carry out demented and sadistic actions; hyper-intellect induces excited thinking which brings intense realizations—but the thinking is all fallacious and non-logical.
	The same principle applies to large numbers of people as to an individual hypnotic subject—the crowd is in a state of heightened suggestibility which leaves them to an inflow of information alters their consciousness.  The hypnotic cult or fascist leaders is an expert in the use of hypnotic techniques.   They have surely studied them in a cult under a master or mistress of the serpent wave.

RELIGION, SIMO, AND MASS HYPNOSIS—THE MOST EFFECTIVE MEANS FOR ENFORCING SYNTHICALLY INDUCED MASS OBFUSCATION IS to persuade the hypnotic subject that they are listening to the voice of god.  In this way, they grant the hypnotic controller divine authority, when actually they are under the heavy influence of hypnotic authority.  In a Luciferian cult, the high priest or priestess—who


 is of course also the master hypnotic controller—is considered as being the relay of the voice of god.   While the voice of the speaker is heard out loud, the voice of god is received psionically and its messages are stored within the subconscious mind.   Thus, the hypnotized subjects believe that are following the will of god.   The authority of this lord cannot be questioned—those who refuse to obey the commands of god are evil, and they can be punished as deemed correct by a Bel-Lucifer.   A Bel-Lucifer is a worldly lord who exercises authority according to their judgment—he or she is not restrained by any law or code of ethics, except that of the council of Bel-Lucifers.   Thus, Luciferian psionic-hypnotic mind control is the foundation of totalitarian government.

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